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it’s all about B A L A N C E

Motherhood... wifehood... femalehood is || H A R D

Welcome back to the HOUSE...

Life doesn’t give you a manual on how to navigate through pivotal seasons of your life. You're born and your expected to learn and move through life.. and society wants it to be successful in every venture, but guess what!? No one tells you how!

This is the season I’m in.. the balancing season where I’m learning how to balance being a good Mom, wife and woman in society but not by societies standards because come on they are UNREASONABLE!

There is no rule book on how your supposed to do things and I just continually pray to God that I don’t mess my child up any kind of way! My prayer is that I make him proud to say in his mom even though I know he’ll have those “ugh mom your so embarrassing“ moments... that’ll be fun lol😂 But I’m in the space of balancing the imperfections that is motherhood because the Lord knows I’m not perfect at this but we’re learning together!!

So so cheers to the balancing act of motherhood if your in it too with me! I just want you to know your doing great! WE ARE DOING GREAT!

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