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The Wishing Forest Experience

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Happy new year Friends!! I hope you had an amazing holiday season!? I know I did! Even though we are in the middle of a global pandemic - we found some ways to create beautiful holiday memories together!

Thanks to Brookfield Properties and the Altamonte mall - I was able to take a trip and visit the Wishing Forest© and have some holiday joy over the Christmas break! The wishing forest is an interactive experience that allows its visitors to experience three amazing sections: The Giving Grove, The Memories Grove & The Wishing Tree.

Being able to have something like this available made the holiday season a little more brighter in a dimly lit time! Thank you to Brookfield Properties for allowing me to experience this amazing attraction. I think some of the greatest portion of this event was the story behind each section of the forest.

In the memory grove you got to experience Santa. Now, I don't know about you but i remember being little and looking forward to going to see Santa and telling him my wishes for the Holiday season. With the pandemic being around - this experience looks very different with social distancing measures in place and mask wearing, but they made sure to not only abide by the rules in place but make it an enjoyable experience so that the children and families that come and visit can actually have this memory for the future.

The Giving Grove was especially memorable for me as they gave the donations that you made to the Ali's Hope foundation which advocates "Helping Transition Patients with Mental Illness back into the Community". I love that in the season of getting that they made and emphasis on giving.

Finally, The Wishing Tree is all about making your holiday wishes come true. The story of the Wishing Tree is that after you place your wish in the pine cone ornament, your wishes help to power the tree to light up and bring joy to the holiday season. You receive the ornament and photos of your experience as souvenirs at the end, but honestly the memory is what is going to last you the longest!

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