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Cheddar & Ham Waffles

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Y’all let me tell you! All waffles are not created equal and it is ok to not like sweet waffles—- 😦 GASP— yes I said it.. but I like all kinds of waffles but I digress! Today I’m helping you switch up your waffle game with these delicious savory cheddar and ham waffles!

I mean come on — it has cheese it has meats it has CARBS! What’s not to love here!? Plus it’s super simple to put together! you only need a few ingredients & a waffle maker! Personally I love this one but anyone will do! Since it’s valentines month - I decided to make LeMels breakfast a little special by making them heart shaped!

Heart shaped savory waffles

Trust me your little ones are going to love this!! It is a super simple recipe that doesn't require much items or time - so it is great for those busy mornings as a mom!

Ingredients needed:

Belgium Waffle Mix (milk and eggs)

diced ham

Cheddar cheese

Combine all the ingredients together and fill your waffle maker making sure to not overfill or else you will have a disaster on your counters (LITERALLY)

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