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Welcome to the HOUSE!

OH Hey there!

Welcome to our house.... you may be wondering who we are and why we are called the House of Mels?

Well it all began 6 years ago when a young man named Melvin met a young woman named Melissa at church... and the rest after that was history... We decided to create a life together and got married in 2014 and went on to build not only a house but a home.

Over these past 6 years that we have been together, we have created a few businesses - my husband has CTK & Affiliates which is an entertainment production company. I have Faith & Food - which is cooking show on the YouTube platform that helps show individuals that you can eat healthy but not sacrifice flavor. Feel free to check out both our businesses!

Now why did we start the House of Mels? Well back in September of 2018 we found out that we were pregnant with our first child and we decided that we wanted to create a space where we would 1. capture that journey together and 2. have something to be able to show him when he grew up & BOOM the House of Mels was birthed. We ended up having a beautiful son and named him after his daddy Melvin --- what I didn't mention is that my husband is the III so that would make our son Melvin IV -- however our nickname for him is LeMel. He is currently 2 months old and is the light and joy of our lives and we are loving life with him. He is getting bigger by the day --- but we will get all into his birth story in a later post!!

Here on the blog I will be sharing all about our family adventures and milestones. As we grow as a family and build our new home together -- I will share all of our ups downs and in betweens. I hope that you enjoy the journey with us and continue to join us in The House!

Welcome to the House!

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