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Breastfeeding Journey...

Hey friends 👋🏽 It’s been a little minute since I made a blog post but I wanted to share some information regarding lactation for all my breastfeeding mamas out there in the world!

So when LeMel was born I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to give him the best of the best! Enter in to me finding everything I could find to help boost my milk supply! I tried brewers yeast, cookies from the store, eating tons of oatmeal.. you think of it I tired it... lol😂! and granted though some did slightly work nothing was like a magic pill that helped my milk supply flow like the rivers of milk in heaven!

& then one day I ran across a company called Milky Mama LLC! and they make all kinds of things like supplements, treats and even gear so trying to be the best mama I could be I decided to give it a try! Now I’m not a fan of chocolate but I love me some brownies, so i got some of those and the lady leche supplement.

So far the treats are delicious and have been giving me a boost in my milk supply so, I am very happy about that! I will keep you guys updated on how well it works but heres to 5 months of successfully breastfeeding my little babe & cheers to 7 more prayerfully!!

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1 Comment

Sep 17, 2020

I remember those days. I definitely took full advantage of the cookies and other tricks to increase flow. For me, I didn’t see any increase. It was all the same. But, every one is different.

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