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My 5 Motherhood Must Haves (0-12 Months Edition)

Motherhood. No one gives you a manual and says - hey there sis, let me show you how its done. NOPE! No one does that, but if you have community with other mommas out there, they will share the things that did (and did not) work for them in their motherhood journey.

Now this list is not comprehensive and there are loads of other things that I feel were vital for our survival of the first year of life but I don't want to overwhelm you with information overload. If you are interested in knowing what more things i recommend or the things I don't recommend let me know!

On to my list of my top 5 Motherhood Must haves!

1. Quality travel Bag.

Toddlerhood can be full of on the go running around so it’s important to have a sturdy reliable bag to take on all those adventures! I highly recommend this @ruvalinobaby bag as it holds so many items! Also be sure to stock your bag with entertainment in the form of books games and media to keep your toddler busy! Don’t forget to pack your trusted @pamperspure products!

2. Vitamins

It’s important to provide our children with nutritional items for their healthy growing! Toddlers need important vitamins to help with their learning and development as they exploding in the world of exploration! Be sure to speak with your pediatrician about supplements! We love that @maryruthorganics has created some amazing products in order to aid in a child's overall health and wellness.

3. Memory Matt

Your children will grow up fast and you want to be able to track and remember all their milestones and events! I highly recommend getting a year tracker to document their first months of life. I love this one that we got off amazon.

4. Books and engaging toys to expand the mind

🔐 key to development and learning is reading and being spoken to! Be sure to implement some books into their everyday routine to help facilitate their communication skills! I especially like to make sure that the books show him who he is! Check out some our most favorite books here!

5. Quality Camera

Finally you want to have a quality camera 📸 to capture all those sweet precious moments because time goes fast and in the blink of an eye, your newborn will be a toddler, your toddler will be a teenager and then that teenager will turn into an adult!

Wasn't what you expected that I would talk about now is it? HAHA That's the point, i wanted to make sure to give you non-traditional things that you might not initial think are that important!

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Desarae Saffold
Desarae Saffold
Mar 30, 2021

These are great ideas for motherhood! I am not a mom, but I hear from many moms that motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to them.

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